Used Gear

Have a used guitar or amp that you're no longer using? We are always buying used equipment! Stop by today and we'll evaluate what you have! All used items include a 30 day warranty against defects. More detailed pictures may be emailed upon request

Electric Guitars

Used DBZ Royale Guitar

DBZ Royale

Case Included: Hard Shell

Serial #W21A0270


Electric Basses

Used Squier Dimension 5 String Bass

Squier Dimension 5 Bass

Case Included: Hardshell Case

Serial #CS15258103


Acoustic Guitars / Mandolins / Banjos / Ukes

Lyon Healy Bowlback Bowl Back Mandolin

Lyon & Healy Bowlback Mandolin(1920's)

Case Included: Chipboard Case


Guitar & Bass Amps

Used Carvin V210T 2x10 Cabinet

Carvin V210T 2x10 Cabinet


Used Custom 2x12 2x10 Cabinet

Custom 2x12 2x10 Cabinet

(2) 10" Jensen Mod, (2) 12" Fender Special Design


Used Fender Blues Deville 4x10 Blonde

Fender Blues Deville 4x10 (1990's)


Used Peavey 6505+ Guitar Head

Peavey 6505+ Guitar Head


Used Sonic Cab Cabinet Electro Voice EV SRO

Sonic 1x15 Cabinet w/EV SRO Speaker


Used Splawn Competition EL34 50W

Splawn Competition 50W Head w/EL34


Guitar Effects / Pickups / Parts

Boss OB-3 Bass Overdrive


Devi Ever Fuzz Master- Prototype


Devi Ever Dark Boost

Devi Ever Dark Boost


Electro Harmonix Soul Preacher


G&L Double Barrel Boost


Ilitch Twin Drive

Ilitch Twin Drive


Visual Sound Warped Distortion


Pro Audio / Sound Reinforcement/Lighting





Noblet 27 Wood Clarinet

Noblet 27 #A22767


Normandy 8 Wood Clarinet

Normandy 8 #51948


Yamaha YCL52 #051431



Antigua A520LQ Alto Saxophone

Antigua A520LQ #4036960


Trumpet / Cornet

Bundy Cornet

Bundy Cornet #115670


Holton T602 T-602 Trumpet

Holton T602 Trumpet #928763


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