Used Focusrite Platinum 8 Octopre

Price: $200.00


This Focusrite Platinum 8 OctoPre is a recent consignment item at Mike's Music and Sound. The unit has been fully tested and functions as it should. Includes original box, power cord and manual.

Serious front-end excellence!

Providing 8 pristine discrete channels of Focusrite Class A mic preamplification and compression, The Focusrite Platinum OctoPre 8-Channel Mic Preamp routes directly to any digital audio workstation via 8 standard analog outputs or via a choice of 2 optional 24-bit, 96kHz A/D converters. The new OctoPre offers the unique qualities associated with the Focusrite name at an affordable price.

Each channel features a revolutionary compressor/limiter circuit, providing a warm-sounding compressor which morphs into a brick wall limiter to avoid those critical overs, ensuring total control over all 8 channels.

The mic pres are the same as those featured elsewhere in the award-winning Focusrite Platinum range. They are a transistor-based Class A design using the same full-bandwidth philosophy as the legendary Red and ISA mic pres, ensuring detail and clarity without coloration. The first 2 "super channels" also feature phase reverse as well as TRS jack inputs on the front for quick and easy, DI-free instrument plug-in.

8 line-level balanced (+4dBu) analog inputs and outputs are provided via 25-pin D-type connectors. These D-type connectors may be routed to 8 XLRs by means of an 8-way 25-pin D-type to 8 XLR breakout cable, available separately. In addition to the analog outputs, the OctoPre can be fitted with an ADAT interface card or AES/SPDIF/ADAT interface card (both available in the related product box below).

With Class A Focusrite processing and almost all the interface options known to man, the Platinum OctoPre is the perfect partner for any Pro Tools system or any other digital audio workstation, making high-quality, multichannel recording easy. Also makes a great instant location recording solution or additional set of mic pres for any analog or digital console or hard disk recorder.

  • 8 discrete channels of Class A mic preamplification and compression
  • 8 standard analog outputs
  • Choice of 2 optional 24-bit, 96kHz A/D converters
  • Revolutionary compressor/limiter circuits per channel
  • Transistor-based Class A design
  • First 2 channels have phase reverse and front TRS jack